Welcome to Downtown Fitness!

We are locally owned and operated fitness facilities located in Norman, Oklahoma. We are honored to be a positive part of our member's lives and live to help people reach their health and fitness goals. Our aim is to be the cleanest, friendliest and most affordable gyms in town.

If you are interested in switching your gym membership or want to get back in the gym after a hiatus, we would be pleased to get you set up! In addition to having the most advanced fitness equipment available, we are also the only gym in town that makes you feel like part of the family. We warmly welcome you to send us an online message or to just stop by and let us get you set up with a membership and a plan for vitality and strength!

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Meet some of our members.

  • I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but I was a complete fitness novice before I joined Downtown Fitness. Before joining I didn't know dumb bell from Blue Bell and always found myself struggling to get anything out of my time spent in a fitness club. Then I reached out to the friendly staff at Downtown Fitness on West Main and they pointed me to a daily workout regimen written and posted at the gym every day. By following the set outlined by the trainers I was not only able to learn my way around the gym, but gained access to a new lifestyle of regular weight training that has altered my life for the better ever since. Thanks Downtown Fitness for changing my life!
    Norman, OK
  • I feel right at home at Downtown Fitness. Whether I'm at home go right down the street to the West Lindsey location or I'm at work downtown and want to sneak in a lunch hour workout, there is always a location right around the corner. I have used their personal training services on occasion and every time I get tremendous results. No better gym in town!
    Norman, OK
  • Staying active and on top of my fitness regime has become such an important part of my life these days. One thing I really love about Downtown Fitness is the broad assortment of cardio equipment. Also, they have very nice and updated locker facilities which is a nice bonus. I use both facilities and love the fact that they have two different locations in town.
    Norman, OK
  • As a member of the Armed Forces, I really appreciate the military discounts I am able to get on my membership at Downtown Fitness. I love the cleanliness of the facility as well as the open and welcoming fellow members. Additionally, I get great value in the group classes and really enjoy the various instructors and the diverse class schedule.
    Norman, OK
  • I have been taking my workouts and fitness regimen pretty seriously since youth. It is very important for me to be able to get in and out of the gym with open access to my favorite machines and free weights. Outside of how friendly and welcoming the staff is at Downtown Fitness, I really appreciate how seriously they are about always having the best equipment with the latest technology. This fitness facility has become a critical factor in the fitness gains I am able to make week in and week out.
    Norman, OK